September 25, 2021
The Rigg Darlington Group, Inc

Personal Risk Strategy 

We take a unique approach to managing a family’s total risk. It begins with a thorough analysis of assets & liabilities, personal risk and current coverage. What follows is a comprehensive plan that incorporates your goals and objectives with our consultative expertise. The result is our commitment in assisting you in implementing a strategy that encourages your family’s protection from hazards, both physical and financial.

Our Philosophy

Personal Risk in an increasingly complex world can involve many different areas. At The Rigg Darlington Group, we recognize that we have many responsibilities in helping our customers to minimize those risks and to control the cost of that risk. Those personal risks can include personal property damage and the liability of damage to others.  Personal risk can also include financial loss due to death, disability, long term care and taxes.  It is our goal to work with you to provide a strategic direction and coordinated resources to protect your family from those risks.



Bank on Yourself - Become Your Own Source of Financing!

Life Insurance - Protection for your family's future

Long Term Care - Planning for your care when you can no longer care for yourself

Disability Income - Financial protection if you can no longer work or collect an income due to injury or illness

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 As your assets grow, your risks and complexities grow exponentially.

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