October 16, 2021
The Rigg Darlington Group, Inc

Employee Benefits 

We take a unique approach to managing a company’s total cost of Benefits. It begins with a thorough analysis of benefits, compensation and administrative policies. What follows is a comprehensive plan that incorporates your goals and objectives with our consultative expertise. The result is our commitment in assisting you in implementing a strategy that encourages improved productivity, utilizes human resources more efficiently and proactively impacts your ability to attract and retain key employees.

The Total Benefits Strategy

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A proactive strategy that can result in greater profits and increased productivity.

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Our Philosophy

Employee Benefits is a complex area of insurance that involves insurers, medical providers, federal and state regulations and human resource expertise. At The Rigg Darlington Group, we recognize the significant expense to companies in providing employee benefits and administering those benefits. We also understand your personnel and staff have many responsibilities in addition to employee benefits. It is therefore our goal to provide your company with a trusted advisor who will provide strategic benefit direction, coordinate resources available to us to reduce your cost of administration and to ultimately help you improve the productivity and profitability of your company.


Carriers & Forms Database - Helpful forms and information to assist you with administration of your benefit plan

Value-Added Services - A listing of additional services provided by us

Wellness - Information about wellness initiatives

Voluntary Benefits - Options available for you to offer your employees to avoid being a "one size fits all company

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