October 16, 2021
The Rigg Darlington Group, Inc
Mission Statement
The mission of The Rigg Darlington Group has remained unchanged for over nine decades and can be defined in one word; RELATIONSHIPS. We believe the value and importance we attach to earning a relationship with our clients, our agency family and the companies we represent is the reason we have achieved and continue to build upon our position of prominence within the Insurance Industry.

Through our enduring commitment to providing Strategic Risk Management Services, and maintaining professional, quality relationships, we are able to provide a unique level of proactive, consultative caring service to our clients.

Customer Service Mission Statement
Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients in order to develop long-lasting relationships. Our plan to assure that we meet this goal is to provide our clients with prompt, accurate and courteous service. When we have exceeded our customer's expectations, we feel that we have done our job successfully.